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Date: Sunday September 4, 2016
Time: 9:00 – 17:00
Venue: World Forum, Den Haag (see on map)
Room: Europe 2 (see floor plan or virtual tour)

Computational modeling and simulation are emerging as important tools to answer the age-old question in biology:
                                         How do cells form tissues?
While modern microscopy and bio-image informatics are generating quantitative data on tissue formation at unprecedented rates, computational models are increasingly necessary to interpret these data, test biological hypotheses and ultimately provide a mechanistic understanding of the molecular and cellular mechanisms that drive the morpho-dynamics of multicellular systems.

In recent years, computational models of multicellular systems have been successfully applied in a wide range of fields including animal and plant morphogenesis, stem cell biology, regeneration, vascular development and tissue engineering. Despite notable differences in the application and validation of models, a common set of approaches has emerged to elucidate the logic of the biochemical and biomechanical interactions between cells.

The workshop “Computing a tissue” present the state-of-the-art in computational modeling of multicellular systems. It highlights landmark studies of multicellular modeling across a range of biological fields, discusses the strengths and challenges of various modeling approaches and examines the current and upcoming computational methods and tools.

All students and researchers interested in the computational modeling of multicellular systems are welcome.

Topics include:

  • Applications of computational modeling to
    • animal and plant development
    • regeneration
    • organ physiology
    • skin homeostasis
    • tissue engineering
    • organoids
  • Innovative methods concerning
    • quantitative image analysis
    • image-based modeling
    • cell-based models
    • multi-scale modeling

Speakers include (more info):

Organizers (more info):

  • Walter de Back (TU Dresden, Germany)
  • Sara Montagna (Uni Bologna, Italy)
  • Roeland Merks (CWI Amsterdam & Uni Leiden, the Netherlands)

Registration and fees for attendants (see ECCB website):

Registration for the workshop is done through theECCB 2016 registration page. The deadline for early bird registration is July 29, 2016. The deadline for online registration is August 19, 2016.

category early late
1 day – academic/industry 110 165
1 day – MSc/PhD student 60 90

Fees include:

  • access to the workshop “Computing a Tissue”
  • receipt of the workshop materials
  • lunch & coffee breaks during the workshop

More information on see the ECCB 2016 registration page (see Fees Workshops/SIGs)

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